The purpose of the KY Constable Association Academy is to provide the Commonwealth Constables and Deputy Constables with Professionalism of character through quality educational knowledge and training.


Even though by state statute, Constables are exempt from certification and in-service training, it should be the Training Divisions top priority to acknowledge safety concerns of untrained officers and recommend and focus on training requirements for Constables to address Professional Development growth and resolve safety concerns with untrained officers.


Courses hosted by the Training Division are free to members unless otherwise specified. Cost of training for non-members is $25 per person and shall be pre-paid prior to participating in such course.


Times will be set by the Instructor and Training Director based on the amount of hours set for achieving all course objectives and allow time n administering course exam. All times, will operate within the time zone that the course is being conducted.


The training schedule shall be set by the Training Director and publicly posted. The schedule should be set as early as possible for the year but subject to change beyond control as necessary.


The Division Section Supervisor positions will serve as managers overseeing the respective courses taught within the categories the section supervisors are assigned. The Section Supervisors may also serve as a liaison between the Course Instructors and the Division Training Director. The Training Section Supervisors may also assist in additional duties assigned by the Training Director. The Section Supervisors shall serve under the Training Director of the Association Training Division.


These are the necessary forms established by the Training Director and approved by the Training Division Committee for the official use of tracking and reviewing course participants and course evaluations. Such forms shall be used until deemed to be abolished or changed by the Training Director and approved by the Training Committee.


Training Uniform can consist of gym shoes, *sweat shirt and sweat pants, “T” shirt, gym shorts, proper athletic under garments and white mid-calf gym socks. (*as season may require) Other components may be worn as needed or called for by the Academy Staff.


Attendees shall at all times protect and maintain the facility being used and its equipment and grounds. Any damages, whether accidental, negligent or willful, is to be reported immediately to a member of the Academy Staff. Attendees may be issued supplies or equipment for use in their training. Each attendee shall be responsible for the supplies or equipment and its condition.


Attendees shall follow all instructions for care, use and safety given to them by the Firearms Officer or highest ranking Academy Staff present. Instructions may also be posted specific in the area of training being conducted and shall be followed accordingly. Anyone disobeying specific firearms or weapons policies, instructions or orders given will be removed from training immediately and may not be permitted in additional trainings if deemed necessary by Academy Staff.


There shall be no physical contact (pushing, hitting, etc) between Attendees except in a training capacity and always approved and/or supervised by an Instructor or Academy Staff.


Attendees shall not be permitted to conduct themselves in vehicle operations trainings until he/she has furnished the proper proof of having required insurance to the Academy Staff. This information may be kept on file with the Training Division, however it will be the responsibility of the attendee to keep up to date proof on file for such record. This record can be located in the forms section of the Training Division website for submitting to the Division.


Attendees will show Instructors their attention and courtesy that common sense would dictate. Attendees should never converse among themselves privately during formal instruction and should raise his/her hand and be recognized by the Instructor if the Attendee wishes to ask a question or make a statement. Furthermore, Attendees are forbidden specifically in the use of loud, coarse, profane, and insolent language.

The practice of playing abusive or humiliating tricks on another individual or any group of individuals is strictly prohibited. This includes the formation of cliques or specialized groups among the Attendees.


An Attendee should be in his/her seat promptly at the commencement of the scheduled time for class to begin. If an attendee is late, depending on the time an attendee arrives will be subject for whether the Instructor and/or Training Director may or may not allow the Attendee to participate and receive credit for the course completion.


Attendees will be given breaks during the hourly blocks of instruction and will be specified by the Instructor and/or Academy Staff.


All Attendees should complete the Medical History form (which only has to be completed and submitted once unless pertinent information may change that the Training Division needs to be alerted to in case you are involved in sudden illness or injury) and file with the Training Division. Any Attendee that is injured while in training or becomes ill, regardless of whether treatment is necessary, should report this injury or illness to a member of the Academy Staff.