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The Bureau of Professional Standards shall be established by the KY Constable Association, Inc to investigate complaints of criminal wrong doing and malfecense of office.

Investigations are conducted to assist Constables in cases of false accusations, to assist local law enforcement in investigating complaints, and to remove members of the association who violate state law or the bylaws of the KY Constable Association, Inc.

Two active members of the association will be appointed by the KY Constable Association, Inc President to serve as investigators for the Bureau of Professional Standards. Investigators shall operate independent of the Board of Directors to ensure that investigations preserve their integrity. Updates on progress to the Board of Directors may be made only by the Director or by his designee as authorized.

Investigators shall be a neutral party not taking any side during an investigation.

Investigators shall interview parties involved in a timely manner to ensure the information is collected while fresh in the minds of witnesses.

Investigators shall turn over all findings to the Director for ruling on violations of the KCA bylaws or state law. Information involving violations of state law shall be forwarded to the Kentucky State Police for further investigation.

Statements to the press shall only be made by the KY Constable Association, Inc President or its Community Relations Director after findings have been reviewed by the Board of Directors following presentation by the Bureau of Professional Standards.

The KY Constable Association, Inc Bureau of Professional Standards does not investigate unsigned complaints, third party complaints, anonymous complaints, or complaints of improper actions (whether administrative or criminal) by other law enforcement agencies.

Should you wish to file a complaint against a Kentucky Constable, the following procedures shall apply:

All complaints shall be submitted in writing and signed by the person filing the complaint. Please include dates, times, locations and any other information you feel pertinent that resulted in you filing the complaint.

The written and signed complaint should be delivered or mailed to the following:

KY Constable Association, Inc.

Bureau of Professional Standards

134 West Third Street

Lexington, KY 40508

An investigation can not be deemed initiated until it is received in a written and signed complaint and received by the Bureau of Professional Standards.

Any person making a verbal complaint shall be given opportunity to put their complaint in writing, sign and submit the complaint to the Bureau of Professional Standards.

The Bureau of Professional Standards shall notify all complainants in writing upon receiving the written complaint. Unless determined that such contact may compromise the investigation and the Bureau of Professional Standards shall notify complainants thereafter as to the status of the complaint and any ensuing investigation.