* Association President shall serve as ex-officio voting member of any committee

By-Laws Committee

The Bylaws Committee will regularly review the Bylaws and Rules & Regulations of the KY Constable Association to assure that they properly reflect purposes and policies of the Board of Directors, meet appropriate needs for the governance of the KY Constable Association.

The Committee will review and propose amendments or modifications to the Bylaws and Rules & Regulations of the KY Constable Association, as deemed necessary.

The Bylaws Committee shall review, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding suggestions submitted by members of the KY Constable Association pertaining to the Bylaws and Rules & Regulations.


Special Events & Activities Committee

This committee plans and implements the organization's fundraising program with professional staff.

Work with the Board of Directors and Executive Director to determine short and long term funding needs.

Identify and enlist leaders from the corporate and other sectors to serve on the committee.

This committee will also work toward short and long term goals for hosting the National Constable Association Conference in Kentucky.

Review progress of the fundraising goals and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.


Government Affairs Committee

It is the role of the Government Affairs Committee to lead the KY Constable Association advocacy of efforts designed to improve the vitality, opportunity and quality of Kentucky Constable. To carry out this mission in the way our membership demands and deserves, the Committee closely monitors policy debates and legislative initiatives in Kentucky Legislation and then brings its recommendations to our Board of Directors for action.

This Committee is a very active one, heavily involved with the vitality of our members and the Constable at large. It needs to speak out publicly with frequency and conviction, for that is how our collective voice is heard.


Training Committee

The Training Committee serves as an advisory group working with the Training Director to define educational, and training needs and obligations. The committee is also involved in program planning and development.

Maintain relations and a suitable training and certification agreement with Instructors and Training Organizations in which provide training instruction to the KY Constable Association.

Maintain a set of qualification criteria for trainers, as agreed with the Training Committee along with maintaining a private library of training materials that can be used by trainers at different levels. Ensure that the technical and promotional content of all training materials has been approved by the Training Committee.

Maintain an examination for each appropriate level of training, approved by the Training Committee. This material is to be kept under strict control. Maintenance shall include changing the exams periodically.

Review the results of all examinations to determine whether any changes are needed in the training or examination materials.

Maintain a record of training sessions completed, including: date, location, nature of the attendees, trainer, trainer feedback, and attendee comments.

Report relevant attendee or instructor feedback to the KY Constable Association Body or Board of Directors when requested.

The committee seeks to serve members and encourages input from everyone. Please contact any member of the committee if you have a suggestion for a training need, are interested in teaching a session, or have comments about any KY Constable Association Training.


Professional Standards Committee

This committee will be responsible for providing guidance to the association on all matters affecting professional standards for Kentucky Constables.

This committee shall serve as the Bureau of Professional Standards which will be responsible to investigate complaints of criminal wrong doing and malfecense of office. The investigations will be conducted to assist Constables in cases of false accusations, to assist local law enforcement in investigating complaints, and to remove members of the association who violate state law or the bylaws of the KY Constable Association.

This committee shall be neutral in not taking any side during any investigation.

This committee will refer any and all disciplinary referrals to the KY Constable Association Board of Directors once the investigation has been completed.


Building Committee

This committee is charged with the duties of researching and laying out recommended foundations of long term plans to establish and develop land and building for the Association business.