Kentucky Law-Revised Statutes
Relating to Constables - Deputy Constables

15.420 Definitions for KRS 15.410 to 15.510.

15.707 Subpoena power of Prosecutors Advisory Council.

61.080 Incompatible offices.

61.098 Practice of law prohibited.

61.169 Attorney representing person or entity involved in body-worn camerarecording incident -- Right to view copy of recording -- Limitations --Sanctions.

63.140 Removal of peace officer for losing custody of prisoner

63.220 Vacancies in county offices.

64.060 Peace officers generally. (Constables, along with other peace officers, may also receive fees from the state treasury)

64.070 Officers conveying Prisoners (Constables receive mileage/expenses for taking or assisting in taking adult prisoners to the penitentiary or another jail.

64.090 Sheriff Fees

64.190 Constable Service Fees (See also Sheriff Fees above - Any other Constable Service in addition to KRS 64.190, the same fees allowed sheriffs)

64.200 Constables in counties of over 250,000 population.

64.400 Constable may distrain for fees -- Duty concerning.

65.003 Codes of ethics for city, county, charter county, urban-county government, and consolidated local government officials and employees -- Codes of ethics for boards, officers, and employees of special purpose governmental entities -- Interlocal agreements.

70.065 Sheriff, deputy sheriff, constable, and county police officer prohibited from requesting or requiring victim of alleged sexual offense to submit to polygraph or other examination -- Other prohibitions.

70.310 Bond and oath of constable -- Minimum -- Record.

70.320 Deputy constables in authorized counties.

70.330 Repealed, 2015

70.340 Powers after leaving office.

70.350 Execution of process -- Jurisdiction.

70.360 Return of "not found."

70.370 Precedence of levying and satisfying writs.

70.380 Staying or delay of process -- When constable excused by.

70.390 To collect, return and receipt for claim.

70.400 Claims placed in hands -- Not to become interested in.

70.410 Motion against constable -- Notice.

70.420 Recovery for failure to pay over money collected.

70.430 Constables in counties of 250,000 population -- Duties -- Monthly report.

70.440 False entries in books and reports.

70.510 Repealed, 1942

Kentucky Constitution
Sections Relating to Constables

Section 99 ... County officers, justices of the peace, and constables -- Election -- Term.

Section 101 ... Qualifications and jurisdiction of constables.

Section 227 ... Prosecution and removal of local officers for misfeasance, malfeasance, or neglect.

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