House Bill 158

AN ACT proposing to amend and create sections of the Constitution of Kentucky relating to the office of Constable.
     Propose to create a new section of the Constitution of Kentucky allowing the legislative body of a county to choose to abolish the office of constable and also to reestablish that office through an ordinance; amend Section 99 of the Constitution of Kentucky to conform; submit question to the voters.

This Bill was amended to retain original provisions; amend Section 101 of the Constitution of Kentucky to allow the legislative body of a city to prohibit constables from exercising any authority within the boundaries of the city; amend ballot question language to conform.

We strongly encourage anyone and everyone that is in support and knowing how valuable Constables are to your rural Commonwealth areas of Kentucky to call your State Representative and let them know you stand against supporting this bill.

There are Representatives from across the Commonwealth (specifically Jefferson County where there is plenty of Law Enforcement but significant number of crimes remain) which feel that the position is obsolete and out dated to current time, however there are 500+ Constable positions in the Commonwealth which are FREE Law Enforcement Officers within Kentucky Communities and Neighborhoods.

Constables work for the people that Elect them, just like any other Elected Official.  County Government can't stand not having authority over Constables.  This bill goes against our Constitution in every way by giving County Government the authority to determine if the Constable position exist or not on a County-by-County basis (although it would remain a State Constitutional position).  This simply would lead to further political corruption, as you can't have one elected official overseeing another elected official, as I mentioned before - elected officials work for the people that elect them!  Furthermore, this bill would take away the voting rights of the people which would otherwise have their say in whom they want to vote and elect into a position.

The KY Constable Association, Inc. recognizes that their are certain issues with the Constables, which we work toward trying to resolve with local and state stakeholders in an ethical manner.  However, eliminating 500+ FREE Law Enforcement Officers is not the answer!

Once again, we ask that you contact your Representative and Senator and ask them to do the right thing, stand for and not against our Constitution and help support our efforts toward bringing and retaining professionalism to the elected position of Constable in the Commonwealth.  You can contact the Legislative Message line by calling 1-800-372-7181.